Refer & Earn Free Recharge

Refer & Earn Referral program: 

As a launch offer, we are giving a recharge of Rs.20 for each of you who refers your friends. Your friends will get Rs.10 as welcome offer.

If you refer 5 of your friends, you get Rs.100 recharge and each of your friends get Rs.10 each.

There are simple terms and conditions available. Read them below.

Terms & Conditions:

1. You have to be a subscribed user and facebook follower  of If you have not yet subscribed, subscribe with your email address in 'Follow By Email' option available in the ride side bar. Like us in facebook here if you have not yet done.

2. You can refer multiple people.

3. To consider the referral to be complete, the person you are referring should subscribe with his email id in this website and like us in facebook.

4. There will be no spam. Only deals and offers from our website will be sent through email for your convenience. The email id will not be shared with anyone else.

5. A single person cannot use multiple email id to get free recharges. TO get multiple free recharge, refer different persons.

6. Send mail in the below format to with the below details in the following format.

Subject: Recharge Referral

Your Name:

Your subscribed email address:

Your facebook profile name:

Your mobile number:

Your mobile number operator and circle:

Your reference email address, facebook profile, mobile number, operator and circle (multiple email addresses if any):

7. We validate each and every entry. We verify your identity through you and your referral's facebook profile. Facebook profile helps us to verify the identity.

8. We have all the right to reject your entry if we find that your referral is not unique. So, do not try to create multiple email id or facebook accounts for you or another person. To get more recharge, refer different people.

9. We reserve the right to stop or modify the promotion anytime.

10. Do not unsubscribe once you receive the recharge. You will not be considered for recharge offer  or any other future contests and offers even if you resubscribe again. We run several offers and contests from time to time. So make sure that you keep subscribed.

11. Recharge will be done within 48 hours.

12. If you do not get reply from us within 48 hours, leave a comment below.

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