MamyPoko XL Size Pants in 36% discount in Amazon

MamyPoko XL Size Pants in 36% discount in Amazon:

MamyPoko XL Size Pants in 36% discount in Amazon. This Poko-Chan special pack comes with crisscross absorbent sheets and hence it provides extra absorbing capacity. It gives upto 12 hours of protection. Now you can get this pack in huge discounted price so that you can save maximum money.

MamyPoko XL Size Pants with 56 count:

MRP - Rs.930.
Discounted price - Rs.595.
Discount percent - 36%
Total Savings  - Rs.335

How to buy MamyPoko XL Pants in 36% discount price?

1. Visit the below link.

2. Login if you are an existing user. Register if you are a new user.

3. Click on 'Buy Now' button and give your address.

4. Make the payment and complete the purchase.

Features of MamyPoko XL Size pants:

  • MamyPoko pants extra absorb is one of the premium absorbent pants available for babies.
  • Comes with a powerful slim core.
  • Comes with Crisscross Absorbent sheet.
  • Prevents leakage and absorbs 6 glasses during night and +1 glass for morning pee
  • Gives up to 12 hours of absorption
  • Comes with breathable soft cotton like cover that prevents redness on your baby's skin
  • Has fun winnie the pooh designs from the house of Disney
  • MamyPoko pant style medium size diaper suits babies with the weight in the range of 12-17 kg
  • MamyPoko Pants are made with special All-round elastic waist band to ensure that the baby is comfortable without being tight or lose on baby’s body. 

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