Open Flipkart First Subscription with 1 year validity for just Rs.500

Open Flipkart First Subscription with 1 year validity for just Rs.500:

If you are a vivid shopper and customer of Flipkart, then you must open Flipkart First subscription account right now. Flipcart First subscription gives a lot of privileges to its customers ranging from free shipping and same day delivery. It comes only for Rs.500 for 1 year.

Open Flipkart First Subscription Flipcart

How to open Flipkart First Subscribtion account?

1. Visit the link -
2. Click on 'Subscribe Now' button.
3. Login if you are an existing user. Register if you are a new user to Flipcart.

Highlights of Flipkart First Subscription account:

Check terms & conditions before opening Flipkart First subscription account.

1. Free shipping on all your orders and there is no minimum purchase. Imaging you buy 10 products which has shipping charges ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.100. Then you could save a lot in shipping. Also, if you are someone who purchase small products like henna, soap, face creams, then you will be definitely benefited by opening Flipkart First Subscribtion.

2. Free In-a-day Delivery:

One can get the orders delivered within a day of ordering tshe product. There are terms applicable.

3. Early Access:

There are so many open flipkart sales especially during launches of mobiles, tablets and gadgets. You will get priority access to such exclusive launches & shopping events.

4. Flipkart First Day Offer:

There will be top offers on a day, every month which is open only for Flipkart first subscribers.

5. Discounted Same Day Delivery:

You can get your order delivered the same day for just Rs 70.

6. Priority Customer Service:

24*7 customer service with minimum waiting time.

7. Exclusive Offers:

Some amazing deals are made open only for subscribers.

So, what are you waiting for? Open Flipkart First subscription account now.

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